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Artist Don Reedy

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Don Reedy Opening Reception

Eighth Exhibition

@ Oceanside Bakery August 15, 7:30 PM

Presented by the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation


Artist’s Statement: My work seeks to explore intimate and difficult subjects around which we thrive or die. Diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer in 2018 I picked up acrylic paint and canvas to hide away my fear and anger, to cry out with great joy over newness and hope, and to express abstractly how I was living out this disease. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that I am a passionate and emotional man, living with great faith in a world that eludes common sense.

“Cancer made me do it” is the best why for my work, and a miracle from God immersed me in a world of color, Image result for fine art by don reedytexture and raw emotion that explains how. Each time I stand before a canvas I am flooded with an awareness of our physical and spiritual journey, and my hands form the paint and canvas to bring that awareness to the surface so that we can share and converse over these most wondrous gifts.

Creating what I feel allows you to see my spiritual and emotional journey so that we Image result for fine art by don reedymight share and come closer together. Painting immerses me in both my time and God’s time, and every work expresses an abundance of truth about my life that I hope will cast light upon your own.

If you wish to see more of my work please check out my website: I would be very pleased to hear from you. I can be reached by email at:

Exhibition runs from August 15 – October 13, 2019


Artist Janine Free

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Seventh Exhibition
O’side Bakery June 13, 7:30 PM
Presented by the Oceanside Cultural Foundation
Born and raised in France, I moved to San Francisco at the age of 22, in search of adventure and broader horizons. As a child, I carried my father’s equipment while he filmed and photographed the places we visited in Europe. I have been traveling since, with a camera as my best friend.
I learned the intricacies of the darkroom with a San Francisco fashion photographer. I became familiar with the computer world while I worked as a Research Librarian at QUALCOMM. Since 1987, I have lived in Leucadia, a small beach town in North County San Diego.
In 2008, I started a project documenting how women were represented in different countries through the mannequins living behind store windows. It soon turned into an art form, as I used the reflections off the glass of the stores to create surreal, multi-layered images. I like to spend time in large cities here and abroad, walking in the streets, searching for their urban essence through architecture, street art, and store mannequins.
If you wish to see more of my work, I would be very pleased to hear from you. I can be reached by email at:

If you wish to see more of my work, I would be very pleased to hear from you. I can be reached by email at:

Exhibition runs from June 11 – August 11,2019 


Artist Cheryl Ehlers

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APRIL 16 ~ JUNE 10
Sixth Exhibition

APRIL 18, 2019



Cheryl Ehlers was raised in Europe, and currently resides in North County, Carlsbad, CA. Her creative
process is reflective of mental imagery and emotions. She enjoys allowing the mind to take over the art
during the process, capturing a flash in time that morphs a thought, and transforming it into art. Her
works are bold, colorful and vary in styles.


She shines as her art work sings

A majority of her art is published and she has painted for
Independence Peace Day, “Silent Beauty”, United Nations, (UNESCO) Paris, FR; “Gator on the Bay”, San Diego, CA; “Sail into San Diego”; TICA; Cure for Cancer, Maui, HI.; “Reach for the Stars”, Auckland, NZ, and recently for The Ocean Agency, “Hypnotic Movements”, in support of programs protecting the coral reefs. Presently, working as an Arts Program Assistant for the City of Encinitas, Ehlers has a BA in Commercial Textile Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan, NY.

She has broad interests, and in 2009, she founded The Stardust Arts and had taught over 11,250 under-served youth the fundamentals of creative art. The program is solely funded by local grants and is recognized by the California State Assembly and the San Diego Board of Supervisors. She collectively has published chronicles on genealogy and biographical histories which are housed in public libraries in Texas, Georgia, Illinois, New York, The National Archives in Washington, DC, Wisconsin and New

Jam session Robert and Wolf at the O’side Bakery

Zealand. (1997-2014).

Steffi Sings

She is a published visual artist, awarded recognition by the California State Assembly and the San Diego Board of Supervisors for her accomplishments in art in local communities (2009, 2010). In 2014 she was named Volunteer of the Year by the Encinitas 101 Mainstreet Association CA, for her curative efforts with the community emerging artists. She has been awarded numerous Visual Art grants, and continues to pursue her efforts to reach out and education the public on art. “Art at its best is creative, imaginative, and a valuable universal language”.


Visit her website at , Video: “Pieces of Jazz” at


Artist Susie Zolghadri

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I was born and raised in the green mountains
of Vermont. Memories of my childhood always bring me back to nature. The early flowers and birds that welcome spring, the luscious green leaves and warm nights of summer, the beautiful, magical colors of autumn and the white snows
of winter. I currently reside in San Diego, California and find myself surrounded once again with nature. Mountains, desert and ocean inspire me to continue creating.

Early in my painting career I attended a workshop on visual journaling and fell in love with the process. The act of creatively expressing myself in a journal format captivated me. Along with satisfying myself creatively with art journaling, I began painting abstracts.





Fifth exhibition
February 14, 2019

Artist Blake Kern

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Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation to Hold a Special Art Walls Exhibit Honoring Blake Kern- December 18, 2018

Blake is an Oceanside resident and has lived in North County since 1975: Married for 47 years with two adult children, and two grandchildren. She is a retired educator (2008) who now has the time to explore her personal creativity. She joined the Artist Alliance through the Oceanside Museum of Art in the fall of 2007 and has been trying to establish a reputation for creating unique, one-of-a-kind altered and hand-made books as well as Altar (art) boxes. She has participated in many shows at the Oceanside Art Gallery, Oceanside School of Art, Jazzercise Exhibits, Oceanside Art Walk, and Art in the Alley in Oceanside. She has sold many pieces, and has been praised for her distinctive style.

Blake enjoys writing poetry which becomes the story behind the art in her sometimes rather dark and mysterious books. Creating altered books and altar boxes is a way for her to focus on a particular theme and develop the layers of texture and 3-D effect that is not obtainable with canvas or paper. She explains her process as follows: “I begin with an idea or sense of where I want to go, and by the end finds myself somewhere unexpected. The piece just takes on a life of its own, and I know when it’s done because it just feels right.” Blake’s goal is for the viewer to have a visceral reaction; to explore the box or book and discover the tiny details and symbolic messages that it contains. Not only does she want to evoke an emotional response, but she wants to tell a story.

Contact Info:

Artist Susan J. Osborn

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Art Walls O’side
Fourth exhibition

Susan J Osborn December 13 – February 11, 2019




“Matisse’s Studio/Freedom” Art Walls exhibition

M.A. Visual Art and M.A. Education, San Diego State University-Now working full time in her studio. Ms. Osbornpreviously taught art at the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, the San Diego Art Department, Southwestern Community College and seventeen years at The Bishops School in La Jolla. Her work is included in various collections in the United States, Denmark, Japan and Spain. She is listed in Who’s Who of American Women. Among her many awards, she has received a Visual Artists Assistance Award from the State of California (1977.)

“Matisse’s Studio/Freedom” Art Walls exhibition

2018 “Survival is Insufficient” Oceanside Museum of Art
2017 “Wings and Whimsey,” Encinitas Library
2016 “Part and Parcel,” San Diego Art Institute
2015 “Colorful Marks,” Girard Gourmet, La Jolla, CA
“She Says…,” Next Door Gallery, San Diego, CA
2012 “Wings and Whimsey,” San Diego Art Department
2011 “Demented Dolls and Devices,” San Diego Art Institute
2010 “Crosses, Shrines and Tributes,” San Diego Art Institute
2009 “Evolutions,” San Diego Art Department, San Diego, CA
2007 “Pastel Views,” San Diego Art Department,
2006 San Diego Hospice Exhibition, Third Ave., San Diego, CA 2004 “Small Constructions” at San Diego Hospice
2003 Ariel Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1999 “Artists Guild Presents”, (exhibit of four selected artists), San Diego Museum of Art
1997 “Myth and Animals,” The Art Union Gallery, San Diego
1995 “Painting: Three New Directions,” Southwestern College, Chula Vista CA
1992 “Landscapes,” Stephen Clayton Gallery (Addi Galleries), Coronado CA




SELECTED EXHIBITIONS:PERMANENT COLLECTION: Museo Internacional de Electrografia, Universityde Castilla-La Mancha, Cuenca, Spain, 1990




INCLUDED in Who’s Who of American Women, 25th edition (2005 – 2007); Who’s Who in America, 60th anniversary edition; Artistic Photographic Processes, Suda House, Amphoto Books (Watson-Guptill), New York, 1981; Michelangelo, His Life and Works with Pictures and Stories, Otto Mower, Ph.D., 2004; cover design for On Zion’s Hill, Anna Small Roseboro, 2015.

Artist Dan Peragine

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Art Walls O’side
Third exhibition

Dan Peragine
Artist/Arts Educator

Forty years extensive experience as an Artist and Art Educator. Sculptor, Painter, 1% for art, local municipalities and, private and corporate fine art commissions. Design, implement, assess and evaluate programs to facilitate the adjustment, achievement, retention and career planning for students ensuring a fine art career.

Expertise in teaching Life Drawing, Mixed Media Drawing, Composition, Color Theory, Painting, 2-D and 3-D Design, Sculpture, Ceramics; Mold Making, wood working, stone carving, experience welding, bronze casting. Multi Media Development, Adobe Creative Suite. Curriculum Development.

EDUCATION: 2016 UCSD Clear Credential program 2005 California State University San Marcos, EDSS University of California San Diego,Extension, Multi-Media Development MFA, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, BFA, University of Nebraska, Omaha, Nebraska,



CREDENTIALS: California Single Subject Art

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1989- Present: The Winston School, Visual Art/Digital Media Instructor Drawing, Mixed Media on paper, Painting, 3-D design, Ceramics · Address educational needs of Dyslexic, Attention Deficit Disorder and/or Hyperactive, high functioning Aspergers students. Plan, administrate and evaluate a comprehensive Visual Art program · Provide Art curriculum development, student portfolio preparation.

Contact information:
179 Madison St, Oceanside, CA 92057          760 533-1672                                                                                        

Artist Pete Harwood

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Art Walls O’side
Second Exhibition
Pete Harwood

I bought a Pentax K1000 camera in my late teens and my love of photography begins there. Over the years I’ve embraced digital technology and photographic art is now my passion. Retiring recently and living near the Pacific Coast in Oceanside California offers opportunities to shoot amazing images on land and sea.

Find me in Artist Alley in Downtown Oceanside most Saturdays from 9-3pm. Want a private gallery viewing? Let me know and we’ll set it up.










I’ve shown and sold copies of my photographic artwork at various locations in San Diego County including the SpringHill Suites Marriott, Masters Kitchen and Cocktail, Holme Estate Cellars, Oceanside Days of Art and the First Friday Art Walk in Oceanside. A variety of my prints decorate the historic Century 21 building on Mission Ave in downtown Oceanside. I like to print on metal, canvas, acrylic and fine photographic paper. Using different framing techniques and image sizes, I produce artwork that appeals to many tastes.

I also served on the First Friday Art Walk Board of Directors where we encouraged and supported local artists with a dynamic artwork exhibit. Born in West Germany.

Harwood Photographic Art established 2014
Currently residing in Oceanside, CA.

                  2 pelicans         San Miguel

Artist Patrick N. Brown

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First Exhibition

@O’side Bakery June 13 7:30 PM
Presented by the Oceanside Cultural Foundation

Exhibition from June 14 – August 13, 2018
Patrick Brown was born in East Saint Louis, Illinois in 1953. His education focused on painting at the University of Memphis, Hendrix College and Jefferson College.
Patrick’s success includes a relationship with the ABC Television Network where his paintings are used on the sets of programs. He was included in the 2016 juried exhibit and international publication 50 To Watch featuring Southern California’s top artists.
His earlier career included mural work and portraits on the interiors of B. B. Kings Blues Clubs in Hollywood, Nashville and Memphis His work was included in Southern California’s Summation Exhibit and book publication the last four years as well as the 2016 national Edgar Allen Poe exhibit in San Diego, CA. The summer of 2017 has been busy with the National Exhibition PROUD at The Studio Door in San Diego where he received Best in Show.
His work was also featured in Los Angeles Gallery 825 International Exhibit Out There. Later in the year will bring his first European Exhibit at Colorida Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal. He is a member of Visual AIDS, The Frank Moore Archives Project, The Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery and The Los Angeles Art Association.
Patrick currently lives and works in Escondido, California.