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OCAF announced that it is retiring Oceanside Days of Art

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Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation announced that it is retiring Oceanside Days
of Art in its current format.

The OCAF Executive Board voted unanimously to reformat ODA from its current
two-day event in April to a series of smaller events spaced throughout the entire
year. This will reflect the exciting changes occurring in the Oceanside arts

Oceanside Days of Art came about as a result of an OpEd in the Oceanside local
paper which stated that Oceanside was a “…cultural wasteland.” City leaders Dr.
Keith Broman, Carol and Randy Mitchell and Eli Sanchez decided to prove this
incorrect. After two years of planning and meetings the first Oceanside Day of Art
was held in and around the Oceanside Civic Center on Saturday, April 24, 1993. It
was a juried fine arts festival celebrating both the visual and performing arts and
artists in Oceanside and the surrounding communities. It was so successful that
within 3 years it became the two-day event, and for 26 years OCAF continued
presenting its fine arts festival in April.

Oceanside Days of Art will not be the large once-a-year event it has been
historically. However, through the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation, it will
continue on a more frequent, smaller scale, to promote and support the fine arts,
both visual and performing. It will continue to provide appropriate venues to
celebrate student, avocational and professional artists.

OCAF will be introducing its first new ODA event in the near future.
For further information about Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation and its events
and activities visit

2011 OCAF Performing Arts Scholarship Winners!

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Congratulations to the 2011 OCAF Performing Arts Scholarship Winners!

    • Vista High Senior Cassie Dibbins plans to attend Utah State University this fall, working toward her degree in Music Therapy.
    • Rancho Buena Vista Senior Morgan Kathryn Reynolds will be attending Azua Pacific university this fall majoring in Music Theatre.